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Republican Donor Lists

Anti-Warren Warriors

These national conservative donors are fired up to fire Elizabeth Warren! Direct response generated and driven, these Anti-Warren Warriors are committing to crushing Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential dreams by defeating her in her bid for re-election to the United States Senate. Motivated by a visceral dislike of Warren and everything she stands for, this current list is an ideal test for challengers taking on incumbents, or candidates and causes with anti-progressive, anti-establishment messaging.


Brown Senate Campaign Donors

In January 2010, this enthusiastic and generous group helped catapult Scott Brown to an upset victory in the Massachusetts Senate Special Election — and have loyally supported him since. Supporting Scott Brown in three Senate races in four years, these direct mail driven Republican donors can be counted on to generously give to GOP candidates and organizations.

Granite State Senate Donors

2014 was a banner year for Republicans — thanks to donors like these. Deeply committed to electing a Republican-controlled Senate, they poured money into New Hampshire to elect Scott Brown. When the going got tough, these donors got going, giving time and time again in an effort to oust one of the Senate’s most partisan Democrats. Motivated by the big picture and the Republican values of freedom and security, these donors respond.

Handel for Congress

In 2017, Karen Handel became a national conservative hero when she defeated liberal darling Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s hotly contested Sixth District special election (the most expensive House race in history). She narrowly lost election to a full term in 2018 due to the predicted Blue Wave but is back, running for her old seat and running neck and neck with the one-issue liberal incumbent (that one issue being gun control). This list is packed with rock-solid conservatives who are committed to the Second Amendment, Right to Life issues, and traditional Republican values.

Kirk for Senate Donors

As the Democrats’ #1 target in the big 2016 election, Senator Mark Kirk amassed a strong donor base made up of a diverse group of Republicans who generously and steadily contributed to keep him the United States Senate as an independent-minded Republican voice. These donors knew what was at stake and chipped in to help Senator Kirk. This donor list is long and full of loyal and generous Republicans who believe in a “Big Tent” GOP.

Love These GOP Govs

Our exclusive Love These GOP Govs list is packed with extremely generous donors who support the Republican governors who are advancing conservative policies across the country. With an average contribution of $744, these donors are willing to dig deep to support bold Republican leaders who are committed to a reform-minded agenda.

Paul Ryan Donors

Speaker Paul Ryan’s tenure in Congress was marked by legislative victories based on the core tenets of the Republican Party: limited government, fiscal discipline, and personal freedom. He also happened to smash fundraising records. Direct response-driven, these patriotic donors respond to action-oriented leadership and are an ideal test for issue-driven candidates and causes, conservatives, and party organizations.

Paul Ryan Signature File

In addition to his many legislative accomplishments, Speaker Paul Ryan is a record-breaking fundraiser – with what is known as a magic signature. These grassroots donors were gleaned from letters signed by Speaker Paul Ryan on behalf of third party organizations. They understand how important it is to support Republican candidates and entities and will donate generously to conservative, issue-oriented appeals. These generous and loyal GOP donors will respond.

Braun for Senate Donors

Like the Senator himself, Mike Braun for Senate donors are unwavering in their support for a fiscally conservative agenda that does not continue to kick the can down the road.
In 2018, they helped an outsider businessman defeat a well-connected incumbent to ensure the United States Senate remained in Republican control. They are not afraid of tough races or underdog candidates and respond well to traditional GOP messaging with an emphasis on fiscal issues.

Romney for President Donors

This highly responsive list includes donors who passionately support the Republican principles of limited government, fiscal discipline, and free enterprise. These patriotic and politically active responsive direct mail donors from 2012 gave generously — often multiple times — because they “Believe in America.” No fans of President Obama’s liberal policies, these patriotic Americans passionately support the Republican principles and believe capitalism — not government — is what fuels our economy.

Direct mail driven, these donors are a great test for conservative candidates and organizations.

Ron Johnson for Senate Donors

These are the generous donors that helped catapult Senator Ron Johnson to a stunning victory in the 2016 Wisconsin Senate race. These GOP stalwarts understood the implications of this race and repeatedly and generously contributed to make sure Ron Johnson had the financial firepower to run an aggressive and winning campaign. They helped defeat a Washington insider with nearly three decades worth of fundraising connections and the full support of progressives and establishment Democrats.

Direct mail driven, these generous donors can be counted on to give to Republican candidates and causes, especially Senate races and conservative organizations.

Scott Walker Donors

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has won three big elections in four years in a blue state thanks in large part to these Republican donors. Hard-working and politically astute, they are willing to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to issues like collective bargaining, spending, jobs, taxes, the role and size of government, and more.

Direct mail driven, this list of donors is a great test for conservative candidates and organizations.

Tommy Thompson for Senate Donors

Wisconsin’s longest-serving governor and a pioneer of welfare reform, Tommy Thompson is a standard-bearer of the GOP. This one-time Secretary of Health and Human Services amassed a healthy donor list during his hard-fought 2012 Senate bid. Sick and tired of this ailing economy, these donors are willing to write big checks to elect pro-growth Republicans.

Walker for President Donors

One of the hottest donor lists to hit the market in years, the Walker for President list is made up of current Republican donors who are not content to sit on the sidelines. They are committed, generous, and sick and tired of the status quo. Actively engaged, they are motivated by the Republican principles of limited government and reform. This highly coveted list is as current as it gets.

Direct response driven, this list of donors is a great test for conservative candidates, organizations, and anti-union causes.

Wisconsin Constitutionalists

These are donors who understand the importance of the role of the State Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court in winning policy battles against the liberals. They have given, often repeatedly, to races and causes that help shape the courts.

Scott Walker Email List

Even before he ran for president, Governor Scott Walker had amassed a huge national network of online donors which was the envy of the political fundraising world. These committed donors helped him survive a bitter recall and they jumped at the chance to support his presidential campaign because they know exactly what is at stake in 2016 — and they want to make sure conservative values triumph. These savvy GOP donors respond to everything from traditional conservative messaging to urgent deadline-oriented appeals. When you need to raise online money fast, this list is the way to go.

Wisconsin Constitutionalists Email List

These are donors who understand the importance of the role of the State Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court in winning policy battles against the liberals. They have given, often repeatedly, to races and causes that help shape the courts.

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